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Aksaura Human Form by Brierose Aksaura Human Form by Brierose
Aksaura is a character i use to play DnD with and in RPs. This is her Bio for my friends and mine Yu Yu Hakusho RP.

Name: Aksaura Badgerhoof
Race/Species: Demon Centaur
Sex: Female
Distinct Features: Black birthmark on her left butt cheek in the shape of a badger claw.
Eyes: Bright almost glowing Azure blue
Skin: Dark Blue-Black in human form, fur is blue-roan as a centaur
Hair/fur/feathers: Skin and fur is same color, Hair is extremely thick, usually in her face, velvety black, has almost no highlights even when light hits it. Centaur parts are Frisian, almost the size of a draft horse; hooves are black, long feathering over her hooves.
Height: Human form, 50 Centaur form- 71
Weight: Human 167 Centaur- 900lb
Handed: Ambidextrous
Other: She has large breasts, though not too big and wide hips, she is very muscular despite her looks and can lift her body weight easily. Although she has a voluptuous body, she is extremely self conscious of it and hides it under long sleeved shirts and baggy pants. She dislikes violence though if someone she cares for, weather it be friend or family or even feelings for a foe, gets hurt she will become blinded by rage and go berserk. She can be a hazard to herself and others if her demonic powers are released so she wears a sealing object, a badger claw, around her neck to seal her powers away.
TeeterDance Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010  Student Digital Artist
She's beautiful!!
Brierose Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I though you would like her. Not to sound... weird but i really wanted a dark skinned girl. Im not to good with browns so... heres blue-black/gray XD
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